Our boards combine state-of-the-art materials and technologies with sustainable solutions to offer high-end equipment you can trust, with a lower impact on the environment.

Whilst some "less clean" materials such as ABS plastic, carbon or base material are still necessary, we look for natural alternatives wherever we can, to offer boards made with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Since 2013, we test, ride and implement these materials in our boards to offer you a unique, more sustainable alternative into the eco-transition. Our planet needs it and so do we. After all, we ARE nature!


Borealis Snowboards Eco-Friendly Koi Freeride Powder Board

Team Rider Clément Bochatay enjoying some air time on his Koi 160. ©Steph Candé



Most of our boards are built with a natural bamboo topsheet. We also use it as part of some of our wood cores. 

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Its capacity to renew itself quickly makes it the ideal candidate in our quest for low-carbon footprint materials. Naturally resilient, snappy and light, it is the perfect material to make amazing snowboards with great pop, reduced vibrations and unmatched control.

At Borealis, our bamboo veneer undergoes a unique process during which its fibers are infused with Greenpoxy©Bio-Resin and sanded in order to make them ultra-light, rock-solid and weather-proof. We call this technique Permafrost Technology.



To bond all the materials that make our snowboards, we use the Greenpoxy© Bio Resin. This epoxy resin is made of up to 51% of recycled biomass (sawdust, vegetable oils, etc). In some cases, we also use our ZERO VOC Resin which rejects 0% of Volatile Organic Compounds. These alternatives are essential for the environment and the artisan making your board, reducing our reliance on petrochemical-based materials.


Natural volcanic basalt rocks are crushed into powder, melted and weaved into multi-axial fibre. This technology doesn't require a chemical process. The result is a high-end fibre, half way between fibreglass and carbon fiber, but with a much lower impact on the environment.



All our wood cores are FSC-Certified, which means the forests they come from are socially, economically and environmentally viable, allowing today's and long-term needs to be met durably. 



Our DNA Topsheets are plant-based bioplastic ultra-thin sheets used on the boards that don't have a veneer topsheet. They are super resilient and limit the adherence of snow for a smoother, lighter ride.



The ink we use for silkscreen printing is water-based and contains no harmful VOC (volatile organic compound).

For digital print, we use latex-based inks.


We use natural flax pads to counter binding impacts and reduce vibrations. Models: Leviathan



Maritime transport is the means of transportation with the least carbon footprint. Most of our boards ship from the Meditec Factory in Tunisia, straight to Marseille harbour in France before arriving at our HQ in Avignon, some 100km away.

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