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2023-2024 - A NEW PATH


We have exciting news to share.
Borealis has reached a new stage in its evolution. We've moved 100% of our production to the high-end GP87 snowboard factory. We’re pleased to be working with Dan Agundes, GP87’s owner who has 30+
years of board shaping and building experience.
Our vision for the production of nature-inspired and epic-looking snowboards has been realised. So, for 2023-2024, our tenth anniversary, we’ve been able to craft our most premium, durable, optimised and outstandingly qualitative board collection ever.

NEW FOR 2023-2024:


- Reshaped models: Artefact - Tundra - Koi - Drakkar - Botanica - Marauder

- New model: Horizon

- 4-Year Guarantee on all our boards



Simply because GP87 produces the highest quality snowboards on the planet, in terms of durability, finish and performance.

We had already been producing all our splitboards and some snowboard models (Shaman, Leviathan, Alpine Pro) there since 2018, before our factory move this year. In 5 years time, we've had 0% defects or delaminations. We think this speaks for itself.

To us, a durable board one can keep for many years is the most sustainable attribute it can have. This is true eco-responsability. Make less, buy less, ride more.

Of course, using alternative, less poluting materials is important and that's why keep busy looking trying to implement them in our gear. But none are as impactful as having a durable product that won't need changing for years to come. We have so much confidence in our products that we decided to extend our guarantee to 4 years from 2023-2024.

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